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Luciano’s Menus

Luciano's to go! 

Carryout's are a popular item here at Luciano's and during these unpresented times they have been more popular then ever before.

Unfortunately during these COVID times, talented staffing in our fabulous kitchen has been hard to come by. 

We STILL do carryout's but during non busy prime dinner hours. Please Still call us to inquire carryout! if our kitchen isn't busy we would be happy to make you your favorite dinner!

Luciano's Restaurant is one of the few restaurants today that cook in a style called "made to order". An Entree that is made from start to finish at time of order. This is a very difficult type of cooking because your entree are not prepped before you even arrive. Our long time customers know this, and expect time for us to create their dish.

 One taste and you'll know the difference!